About me

Hi, I'm Andy Rafael Santana Vargas or ARSV! Product designer living in Canada.

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Long story short...

Born in the Dominican Republic and living in Canada. I’m a self-taught product designer and currently completing my bachelor's degree in Software engineering.

I'm passionate about a lot of things, and I don't want to bore you with a list! I think it's more relevant that I tell you 3 values that are important to me.


I think that from the shock of different cultures and experiences, emerge amazing ideas.


I consider myself as someone who's curious about pretty much everything that surrounds me. Curiosity is at the heart of a lifelong learner


Creativity in problem solving but also because it can lead to creation, to better understand myself and understand others.

Where you can find me

Different places where I like to hangout, meet people and collaborate.

Partipating in startup competitions

Formfintech Formathon competition  |  Year: 2017  |  formfintech.com

Helping my university organization

Shell EcoMarathon competition  |  Year: 2017  |  shellecomarathon.com

Collaborating during meetups

Design Thinking Montreal meetup  |  Year: 2017  |  designthinkingmtl.com

Speaking about enginneering as a school ambassador

Ecole de technologie superieure ambassador  |  Year: 2018  |  etsmtl.ca

Let’s work toghether, drop me a line.